Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne

Turbulence Training Review: This program is the brainchild of Craig Ballantyne. This alone gives it a credibility that most other fitness programs you’ll see online lack. That’s because Ballantyne is truly an expert in the field, and the author of many articles that regular readers of fitness magazines have read. Some of these magazines include Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Shape.

Turbulence Training is a program that encompasses several e-books and reports. The program combines resistance training, bodyweight exercises and interval training in order to boost the person’s metabolism. This causes the body to burn more calories and fat between workouts.

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Ballantyne makes an important point early in the program. He points out that while Cardio exercises are good, they are limited in their effectiveness. This is because after the exercise is done, the do nothing to boost your metabolism. It requires strength training and interval training to accomplish that, and boost your metabolism even while you work or sleep. Therefore, these are core parts of his Turbulence Training program.

Turbulence Training Review

Ballantyne’s workout program consists of an introductory program that lasts six weeks, an intermediate program that covers four weeks, and last, a 16-week advanced phase. “Turbulence Training” includes a combination of the most effective exercises available for losing belly fat.

The reason the system works? The workouts in the material put what Ballantyne calls a “metabolic disturbance” on the muscles in your body. Consequently, following the workout, your muscles must continue to work hard to return the body to normal. This keeps your metabolism high, which everyone acknowledges is necessary for fat loss.

At the core of “Turbulence Training” is the 86 page “e-book” that can be downloaded. But there are numerous reports that come along with the $39.95 download.

The first section of the book discusses the basics of turbulence training, the foods you should be eating, and how to set reasonable goals. The rest of the book gives specific training guidelines and workout schedules for everyone from beginners to advanced experts.

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Since the early eighties and nineties exercise routines for many have revolved around getting over twenty minutes of cardio in a day and at least three rounds of strength training a week. In the Turbulence Training eBook, available online now and written by Craig Ballantyne, Ballantyne dispels this exercise regime as a myth.

According to Ballantyne, there is no need to do cardio every day of the week; that in fact using his Turbulence Training eBook will show you achieving the perfectly toned body only requires three workouts a week totaling 45 minutes a day.

Compared to the amount of time the cardio/strength training regime takes to complete, his routine is a godsend. Ballantyne claims cardio workouts are outdated and will not help you to lose weight or tone your body quite like the turbulence training routine will.

Ballantyne was watching athletes train one day when he realized how much more feminine the girls soccer team athletes were versus the cross-country girl athletes who he refers to as being “skinny-fat.” This observation led him into studying why one set of the girls were so much more toned than the other and the development of his innovative weight loss manual, turbulence training pdf.

Turbulence Training Review

According to Ballantyne, people have been exercising under the wrong impressions that to burn fat at least twenty minutes of cardio should be included daily in one’s exercise plan. What Ballantyne discovered, is that while cardio can be good for the heart and respiratory system, it does little to help tone the trunk of the body or fat anywhere else on the body but the legs.

Ballantyne instead proposes in his turbulence training pdf. that really all the body needs to tone up all over is a short burst exercise routine that builds muscle while combating body fat. He is prepared to share his findings with the world hoping to revolutionize the way society looks at effective weight loss strategies.

Even better, his exercise routine only lasts 45 minutes and need be repeated a simple three days a week opening up more time during the week for other activities. Ballantyne explains all this and more in his turbulence training pdf.

He has many testimonies of people who swear by the Turbulence Training eBook truths. Says one young woman on his website, “You’d never guess from my before photos but I was actually spending more time at the gym before I started TT.” It is statements like these that are drawing many people to check out the eBook to discover for themselves how they have been wasting their time over exercising their bodies for minimal results.

According to many women and men who have been taking advantage of trainer Craig Ballantyne’s new exercise routine, turbulence training results will take your breath away. Ballantyne claims cardio everyday and strength training is an outdated approach to sculpting your body the way you want it to look. He believes cardio training, while good for your health, does little to help burn fat or build muscle the way his workout routine will.

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Forty minutes of turbulence training three times a week is all the routine requires of you to start seeing the amazing turbulence training results. The routine is targeted at busting belly fat and trimming down your waist and hips as you can watch the weight begin to drop right off you frame turning you into a younger more youthful version of yourself according to loyal users. Ballantyne urges you not to take his word for it, just read the stories of all the people who use his routines everyday who are amazed with the turbulence training results.

For those serious about getting in shape, Ballantyne is a perfect “personal trainer,” and one who can easily be downloaded right to your computer. Check out the program for yourself by clicking here.

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