Benefits Of Coconut Water

More Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut Water is the liquid inside young and green coconuts (usually 5-8 months old). It’s not just a natural refreshing beverage that tastes good, but one of the classic healthiest drink, with lots of health benefits.

The Fresh Coconut Water obtained from the green coconuts is a very pure drink, as it’s free from any biological contaminants such as viruses, fungi, bacteria etc.

Health benefits of drinking Coconut Water
1. Coconut water is full of minerals and vitamins! It is packed with lots of minerals and vitamins, but the amount of fat is negligible and the sugar percentage is also low. So, it is a low calorie, high minerals/vitamins drink, So you may call it an ideal drink for everyone 🙂

It’s a significant source of : Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Zinc Vitamin C, Thiamin(B1), Riboflavin(B2), Niacin(B3), Vitamin B6, Folate(B9)

2. It contains Antioxidants: It contains ascorbic acid and other antioxidants, which is considered good for health. Antioxidants prevents cell damanges/death by preventing oxidation process (which generates free radicals, and those free radicals may lead to chain reaction and cell damage).

3. It Rehydrates your body: Whether you’ve loosen up some water (e.g due to Diarrhea) or just need hydrating drinks – Coconut water can naturally re-hydrate your body. It has some great combination of minerals and water (~94%) which makes it a great hydration drink. That’s why it’s the best drink of summer (although you can drink it in any season but in summer, body loses a lot of minerals due to sweating).

4. It is a natural “Energy Drink”: All the minerals and vitamins present in the body can be easily absorbed by the body. So basically it means – your energy level can be move up very fast with this natural tonic. That makes it a great alternative to cold/junky drinks (CocaCola, Pepsi, Soda, etc).

Junky drinks are the source of various health problems such as Obesity, Diebeties etc (due to high suger content, artificial stuffs and drugs such as Caffine), On the other hand Coconut water is an awesome natural drink, rich in minerals and vitamins – So it also gives you a quick energy boost. (along with its other long term health benefits). In fact, you don’t even need any artificial sports drinks, a fresh green Coconut juice will work better, and it’s cheaper too.

5. It naturally cleanse your bladder: Coconut Water has proven to be good for urine system, it cleanse your bladder naturally, may also prevent some other urine-related diseases such as UTI, Kidney Stone etc. Instant hydration and the combination of minerals are probably the reason why it’s good for urine system. A lot of people use Coconut water as a detox(detoxification) diet, as it’s very useful in flushing out the toxins of the body.

Where can I get Coconut water ?
If you live near an area where fresh green coconuts are available, then buy a young/fresh green coconut and carefuly cut the top and make a hole, now you can bring the water out or you can use drinking pipes, but always drink it fresh (do not leave it open for long). Do not drink any packaged coconut water unless the natural green coconuts are not available in your location.

What if I can’t find fresh green coconuts near my location ?
If that’s the case, then here is a list of few packaged products (they process the fluid obtained from young coconuts, so it’s also good, certainly, better than cola/pepsi crap) that you may want to try (Just follow the link and order online or you can also buy it from your local grocery store).

Author: Jason Grove

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