If you want to sustain your weight loss, it’s vital to take a pro-active approach in managing your weight loss plan so that you move forward rather than backward. 

It’s a very typical scenario – someone starts out smoothly with his weight loss plan with the scale moving exactly as they have hoped for but as time passes, that shifts and very soon they’re feeling frustrated and hopeless with the less than desired results.

Normally this is due to one or two minor mistakes that they’re making that are hindering them from seeing the progress they desire, so by getting these in check for yourself, you can make sure that they don’t come to hinder you.

Let’s look at what you should know.

They Don’t Re-evaluate Their Intake After Losing Weight

The very first mistake is the failure to re-evaluate their calorie intake after weight loss occurs.  Remember, as you lose body weight, you’ll be burning fewer calories every day.  

As you are burning fewer calories, you need to further reduce your total weight loss calorie intake, otherwise you are eating at a maintenance level instead.

When you are eating at maintenance level, you’re consuming and burning roughly the same amount, so your weight loss has stagnated.

They Don’t Factor In Small ‘Bites’

The second major mistake that some dieters make is failing to account for the small bites and snacks that they take here and there.

You may think that half a cookie won’t really matter, but in the long-run, it will. Each of those bites adds up over time and it could really affect your chances of success.

If the unaccounted for bites are happening often enough, you could be cancelling out the entire deficit that you’re creating.

They Use Black And White Thinking

Another common error for many people is using black and white/all or nothing thinking patterns with their program. They believe that they have to be 100% on at all times. If they aren’t, they might as well quit.

This is a very negative pattern to get into because it’ll cause you to easily lose focus as soon as a minor slip up takes place.

Minor slip-ups typically have very little effect on the end results as long as you move on immediately from them.

It’s when you let that minor slip-ups turn into a major slip-up that bigger problems are going to crop up.

They Aren’t Constantly Planning

Another big mistake is failing to plan regularly. Always try and pre-plan your meals and snacks as much as you possibly can. If you don’t plan out what you’re going to be eating each day, you’re leaving it up to chance. Leaving it up to chance invites unhealthy foods in and this will throw off your results.

They Do Not Track Progress

This is another one of the main reasons people fail to follow a healthy diet. If you do not track progress, you won’t know how much weight you have lost already and this can be very disappointing for most of us. In the end, you cannot measure your progress (or see whether there is any progress at all) if you do not keep track of your weight loss efforts.

They Focus Solely On The Diet

In most of the cases, diet alone will not help you lose weight – or more precisely, it will not help you lose impressive amounts of weight. If you have ambitious weight loss goals, then the diet you follow must be supported by the relevant lifestyle changes. Most people fail to follow their diet because they do not complement it with two essential factors for efficient weight loss: good quality night’s sleep and regular physical exercises.

Their Diets Do Not Provide Them With The Necessary Nutrients

Many people don’t realize that they must rely on a diet that provides them with all the essential nutrients for proper functioning of their body. The diet must be low in calories, but high in nutrients and vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Nutrients play a vital role in your overall health and well-being. If you do not fuel your body properly, you will feel hungry the whole day and you will eventually give up and binge on food. Do not underestimate hunger, as it can kill your weight loss efforts!

Slow Metabolism

Many people face the problem of slow metabolism, and this can bother those who are on a weight loss diet. Slow metabolism means slow weight loss, and this can discourage many people. It is all about body composition, not to mention the plateau period which can last up to several weeks. Many people opt to retreat if they do not see the scale moving as much as they would like it to move.

No Moral Support From Friends Or Family

Moral support is essential for slimmers, as this is a serious and difficult process that involves a lot of determination and will power. It is vital to have somebody to offer you the moral support you need to go on. Your close friends and relatives must be fully aware of your plans and support your decision.

Lack Of Determination

Overweight people are in an on-going fight with excess weight, because even if they manage to attain normal weight, they still have to work hard to prevent the rebound effect. This is where determination plays a decisive role. Unfortunately, many people tend to accept defeat too easily. This happens because they do not have a strong will power in the first place.

The Conclusion

So there you have the top reasons why many people fail with their diet program.  Do you see yourself in any of these? If you do, it’s time to make a few changes to make sure you’re moving forwards rather than backwards.

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