If you’re gearing up to continue on or start with a weight loss program, it’s important that you include plenty of variety in your workout program so that you’re constantly looking forward to each workout as it comes. 

Many people make the mistake of going into the gym and performing the same workout over and over again which eventually causes them to fall off the bandwagon as they just cannot stand the thought of yet another same old session.

Switching it up and taking your workouts outside for a change of pace every once in a while is a great way to boost your fitness level, cure boredom, and burn fat.

Let’s have a quick peak at some of the top fat burning activities that you can do this fall.


The first activity to consider is taking a rollerblade through the park or any trails around your area.  Rollerblading, especially on a hilly trail is one of the best ways to work the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and burn calories incredibly quickly.

What’s more is that unless you’re very experienced with this activity, it’ll also prove to be a great core workout as well as the abs will constantly be called into play to keep you balanced.


With the cooler fall weather, now’s a great time to get out and go hiking.  You won’t have to fight the summer heat for a longer session and will be able to enjoy the changing fall scenery.

A hike for 2-3 hours could easily burn up to 1500 calories if you’re on a varied terrain, so this is the perfect weekend getaway to help boost your fitness, kill stress, and get away from it all.

Trail Running

Trail running is the next excellent outdoor activity to consider.  Again, running in the summer heat can be quite problematic for many people but as the weather turns slightly cooler in the fall, it’s the perfect chance to get outdoors.

Just be sure if you are going to go trail running you wear a good pair of supportive footwear as it is much easier to roll an ankle when you’re not on flat ground.

Raking Leaves

Finally, don’t ever overlook raking leaves as a fall activity to burn calories and get out of the gym.  While you may not exactly consider this a ‘fun activity’ as it’s more of a chore, it’s still going to burn plenty of calories nevertheless.

If you really don’t feel like hitting the gym on any given day but have a yard full of leaves to rake up, skip it and do that instead.  Not only will you give you cardiovascular system a workout, your entire upper body will be feeling it.

So there you have a few great fall suggestions to get your calorie burn up while getting out of the gym.  It’s really quite easy to get fit without regular workout sessions if you put a little creativity into it and think of alternative exercises that you would enjoy.

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